Boys’ tournament rules

Boys’ tournament rules

Contact Information

Mark Erickson, Commissioner,, 612.275.0959

HQ phone number during the Game: TBA
Lacrosse HQ phone number: TBA

Check in:

All teams must check in at the field at least one hour before playing their first game.

Field Location

Selke Fields
1505 12th Ave SE
St. Cloud, MN 56304


Teams need to provide a volunteer to help score and keep time for all games. Instructions provided. Teams are responsible for ensuring the fields are kept clean during their games. Teams are responsible to provide game balls.

Varsity and U16 Rules

For the Star of the North Games Varsity and U16 tournaments, all games will be played under NFHS rules with the following exceptions:

– Games will be four 10-minute stop-time quarters.

– Teams are allowed two 1-minute time outs per half. Teams are asked to use these with discretion. Officials may call additional timeouts for water breaks in conditions of heat or humidity.

– Uniform rules regarding shorts, helmets, and undergarments will be relaxed as long as the team jerseys have appropriate numbers and colors.

– Tournament staff has discretion to adjust the schedule to shorten games, and to declare games complete if there are delays due to weather or tournament concerns.

– All other rules during the MSHSL/MBSLA varsity high school season will be enforced, including equipment inspections.

– Teams need to submit a copy of the team roster with jersey numbers to the scoring table prior to each game start.

– Players may only be rostered on one team, and may only play for the team they are rostered. Players may not move between teams including those programs that have two teams registered in the event. Violations will result of forfeiture of all games in which an offending player participated.

U14 Rules

All games will be played under standard MBSLA/YLM youth rules (12-minute running-time quarters) except that games tied at the end of regulation will use the tiebreaker listed below.

Tournament Format

– Each team will play a minimum of 4 games during the event.

– Pool standings will be determined by the following (if needed):

  1. Points (3 pts for a win, 2 for a Tiebreaker win, 1 for a Tiebreaker loss, and 0 for a loss)
  2. Head-to-head
  3. Fewest goals against
  4. Most goals for
  5. Coin flip

– After pool play, the game schedule will be determined by pool results (if needed).

– If there is a three- or four-way tie in a pool and at any stage of this tie-breaking procedure one team is eliminated, that team is dropped out and the tiebreaking starts over with one fewer team involved.


For the championship game, the usual overtime procedure will be used (four-minute stop-time periods for V and U16 and four-minute running-time periods for U14). For all games other than the championship, the following tiebreaker will be used:

  • Officials may inspect field crosses before the tiebreaker begins; no coach-requested checks.
  • Each team has a goalie, one long-stick player, and two short-stick players for a total of 4 players.
  • Teams defend the same goal they defended in the second half and must use the goalies on the field at the end of regulation.
  • Two players face off at center, with one player from each team behind each wing line and goalies behind their restraining lines.
  • Goalies can’t cross midfield; other players can.
  • The first team to score a goal wins.
  • After 2 minutes, the horn sounds and the long stick players need to run off the field, unless a long stick player is in possession when the horn sounds, in which case a short stick player from each team must leave. Play doesn’t stop.
  • After another 2 minutes, another player from each team leaves the field as above.
  • There are no timeouts or substitutions permitted except in the case of injury (in which case the opponent may also sub a player).
  • Penalties are enforced as usual until a team has only 2 players remaining. At that point, if a team commits what would normally be a timeserving penalty, play is restarted with the offending player in his defensive half (for a technical) or defensive restraining area (for a personal) and the offended team’s field player in possession just outside the attack area.
  • All other standard rules apply, including counts.


If any player is ejected from the game, they must sit out at least the next event game but does not carry into the regular season. Suspensions will carry over to the following year’s Star of the North Games tournament. The tournament staff reserves the right to expel any player or coach from the tournament or to suspend a player or coach for any number of tournament games without refund. A player or coach ejected from a second tournament game will be automatically expelled from the tournament.