Registration will open in March of 2015. Please follow the link below to download the registration form.

Diving Registration Form

Here are the divisions that will be offered:

Novice (13 & under) Female Male
Novice (14-17) Female Male
Competitive (13 & under) Female Male
Competitive (14-17) Female Male
Masters (18 & over) Female Male
Masters (21-49) Female Male
Masters (50+) Female Male

In March, we will also post a link to a paper registration form. To fill out the registration form, you will need to use the registration codes below:

Division Female Code Male Code
One Meter (13-Under) DV001 DV002
One Meter (14-17) DV003 DV004
Three Meter (13-Under) DV005 DV006
Three Meter (14-17) DV007 DV008
One Meter (13-Under) DV009 DV010
One Meter (14-17) DV011 DV012
Three Meter (13-Under) DV013 DV014
Three Meter (14-17) DV015 DV016
One Meter (18-Over) DV017 DV018
One Meter (21-49) DV019 DV020
One Meter (50+) DV021 DV022
Three Meter (18-Over) DV023 DV024
Three Meter (21-49) DV025 DV026
Three Meter (50+) DV027 DV028